Advanced Licensing Provides Their Agents with New Economic Opportunities
Las Vegas, NV, October 24, 2020 — Advanced Licensing held an outstanding conference during the weekend of October 16th through the 18th. The convention, which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada provided their staff and potential licensees with the advantage to learn about new opportunities within the company. Beyond that, the licensing agents gained knowledge on how to expand on those opportunities. New developments in existing businesses were shared, while those who attended were filled with motivation and enthusiasm. You could sense the eagerness that filled the room, as licensees learned new techniques on how to brand themselves, create leads, close sales, and identify potential future clients to create Lifetime Income.
Co-Founder, Larry Kozin and CEO, John Bellave were absolutely astounded with the results of the events. “We were excited to see the turnout in Las Vegas this past weekend. We see our Licensing Agents excited and motivated to have an impact in helping entrepreneurs acquire a business and financial system, beyond their wildest dreams.”
Advanced Licensing not only specializes in building businesses, but also bringing in agents who can achieve their greatness, and in turn, help others to do the same. An array of enlightening tools were picked up to help themselves and potential agents to shine in their sales growth.
This was truly an intimate weekend that also allowed the Advanced Licensing team the unique occasion of joining in fellowship with one another. Laughter filled the room more throughout the weekend as licensees networked & socialized between each seminar. That’s just yet another way the Advanced Licensing team ensures that they not only create opportunities but build relationships as well. Connections were strengthened while gaining a fresh perception of emulsifying the potential they have in ways that surely will never be forgotten. 800-510-1341