Heat Shock Fitness is planning to expand nationwide – aiming to place thousands of Heat Shock into homes, fitness centers, spas, yoga studios, and therapy centers. In line with this, the company is welcoming interested licensees.

Las Vegas, NV, November 18, 2021 – Heat Shock Fitness aims to provide everyone the means to safely and effortlessly achieve explosive fitness benefits. In line with this, Heat Shock Fitness, the newest spa concept fitness center, is advancing its plans for national expansion – bringing its goal one step closer to fruition.

Much of our lives are bothered with the results of aging badly and prematurely. Sadly, most of the effects are worsened by bad eating habits and lack of regular exercise. While most attempt to lessen this problem by applying to gyms, most fail to follow through due to a lack of time and motivation. Luckily, there is a way to achieve legitimate results with the same effort, if not less.

Introducing Heat Shock Fitness – the most powerful, effective, and prolific health, fitness, and anti-aging tool. Heat Shock is a fitness center with a spa-like concept that uses a patented far-infrared workout sauna to boost workout effects to help individuals achieve optimal results.

David Floyd Shurtleff (founder and CEO) wrote and produced a 30-minute infomercial regarding the benefits Heat Shock brings to its users. He has also authored four books: “Painless Detox” (which has been downloaded more than 250,000 times), “Gift of Health”, “Heat Shock”, and “Detox Recipe”. David states “Our intention is to place thousands of FitSuana’s into homes and fitness centers, spas, yoga studios, and therapy centers.” More recently, David has been engaged in the patent process, R&D, and design of the Heat Shock Fitness FitSauna systems for nearly 4 years. For the time being, David and his support staff will be fully engaged in assisting in the build out and development of the Heat Shock Fitness Centers..

The company aims to make Heat Shock available to everyone by offering affordable monthly membership fees or the option to pay by the session. The company is also welcoming licensees to aid in its plans of national expansion, bringing new business opportunities for interested entrepreneurs. With millions actively looking for ways to stay healthy and fit to reduce the effects of aging, multiple target markets already exist. Physical locations will feature 11 or more patented Heat Shock Health, Fitness, and Anti-Aging Therapy tools. This setup allows up to 41 to participate in Heat Shock simultaneously for 30 minutes each and can accommodate as many as 984 clients in 24 hours. Additionally, this innovation appeals to anyone regardless of age and physical limitations.

This opportunity is available to the entrepreneur that wants to provide more fitness options to those in the community that are choosing to improve their lifestyles. From PressNews.biz